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Making Friends with School

"Reading Alice"—Honor C. Appleton

I don't get it.

I hate school. Don't make me go.

I don't like reading.

I'm just stupid.

If you hear things like this on a regular basis, you're probably looking for help. Perhaps your child has always seemed to struggle with school, or maybe he started having trouble in third or fourth grade. There's a reason educators talk about the "fourth grade slump"!

I've been a teacher for twenty years. Most recently, I worked with individual students in grades K-12 as an instructor for the Los Angeles Unified School District's home/hospital school. I am happy to report that I've had a lot of success with turning non-readers into readers and even non-students into students.

Can I work miracles? Well, sometimes! But I can definitely help your child feel more comfortable about school, especially reading and writing, giving her powerful personal and academic strategies.

In essence, I specialize in troubleshooting individual educational problems.*

I do math tutoring, as well, but only for grades K-7. You'd be surprised how many kids have trouble with the exact same issues when it comes to math—often fractions, multiplication, or simple variable equations. These students continue to flounder in math classes as they go on to high school.

Services for Teens

I am also available to help older students with their schoolwork, particularly their writing.

I have some experience mentoring teens in regards to college applications and life plans, as well. Contact me if you think this kind of interaction might be of benefit to your teenager and we can discuss the situation in more detail.

Fees and Logistics

My fees are $25 per hour or $30 for an hour and a half if you bring the student to my home. I will add a trip charge if I come to your home.

I live in Bountiful, Utah, so I will be able to work with students in the Salt Lake City area and north as far as Ogden.

*Note: I do not deal with severe special education needs, behavior problems, or psychiatric issues. I am not a therapist, just a really good teacher with a track record of helping children who are unhappy with school and struggling to keep up. Think of me as the Kid Whisperer!

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